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Leadership and Supervision (FALL13) Information

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Leadership and Supervision Certificate

Now offered at two locations:
BC3's Main Campus and BC3@Cranberry

More than ever before, leaders are called upon to respond innovatively and efficiently to change.  Businesses need individuals who can easily assume leadership roles, and potential leaders need the training to allow them to comfortably and ably fill those roles.  This certificate is designed for first time supervisors and leaders who want to brush up on their skills with new techniques.  Participants may register for one course or take all of the courses and receive the certificate.

The cost for the entire program is $600, with individual modules priced separately. 

HOW TO REGISTER: Click the "select classes" button at the top of the page on the right. Select or create your profile. The eight required classes will be listed. Select the class(es) at the location of your choice.   

Certificate Details

Classes offered: 8

Classes required for completion: 8

Mandatory Classes: 8

A passing level of attendance is required to receive credit for the classes in this Certificate.

Classes in this Certificate may be taken in any order.




Courses Available for this Certificate

This workforce development course will help the students develop and/or upgrade the industry skills that are necessary or required for students to understand th ......(more)
Participants will learn how to understand human behavior relating to internal and external customers.  They will learn how to communicate and problem solve ......(more)
Participants will define the positive and negative aspects of conflict and change.  They will identify the potential conflicts in various organizations and ......(more)
Participants will learn techniques for time management by prioritizing tasks and focusing on outcomes.  Participants will also gain insight into strategies ......(more)
Participants will gain a working knowledge of motivation from various points of view.  They will discuss what supervisors can do to foster an environment w ......(more)
Participants will discuss the decision making process and the traps that must be avoided.  Small group activities will reveal problem solving strategies as ......(more)
Participants will define supervision and the roles and responsibilities of supervisors.  They will engage in discussions on topics including communication ......(more)
Participants will discuss the differences between power, authority and leadership.  They will learn several leadership styles and how to identify their own ......(more)