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To enhance the security of our site and comply with new FTC and Department of Education regulations, a verification code will be sent to the email that you have in your BC3 profile in order to login to the system. The code will be valid for 10 minutes and the system requires that you complete this verification process one time every 15 days on a trusted device.

Attention students using Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10:
"For Windows 8 users, please be aware there are two versions of Internet Explorer on your device - Metro and Desktop.  To use our registration site, you must use the Desktop version of Internet Explorer, and not the Metro version. 
To start the Desktop version, click on or touch the Desktop tile on the Start screen. Then you will see the Internet Explorer icon in the task bar. This is the Desktop version which should be used for registration. If you are in Internet Explorer and the URL address is at the bottom of the screen, you are in the Metro version, should close it and open the desktop version following the instructions above."

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